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Remarkable HomeKeeping Cleaning Services Cleaning Kits

At Remarkable, we do everything we can to keep our reusable supplies sanitized and safe for your home. We tumble wash our towels on a daily basis with oxygen bleach, replacing as needed. We sanitize all of our tools and equipment with disinfectant and regularly replace cleaning tools. Remarkable will only use fresh or disposable supplies at your house. To further protect you, we have color coded our towels for use in specific areas of the home; we will not use towels that were used in the bathroom, in your kitchen!

Despite all the disinfecting and safety measures we take; the possibility of cross-contamination of allergens and germs still exists, as no disinfecting method is truly 100% effective. At Remarkable HomeKeeping, your safety while cleaning your home, is our highest priority and we wish to maintain the highest level of protection. For this reason, we offer our recurring care clients their own private cleaning kit, to be kept at their home and used exclusively in their home. Your Remarkable Customer Supply Kit will include a brand new sets of towels, steamer pads, brushes, sponges, dusters and applications.

These kits will be optional and free of charge to all weekly, biweekly, and monthly Preferred Care Clients. We only ask that you keep the supplies at your home, accessible to our team and that towels be washed with your laundry, after our services. We will still bring our disposable supplies (paper towels, liquid refills, etc), and our power equipment for floors. While we do disinfect our vacuums between each home; please let us know if you would prefer we use your vacuum.  

It is required, should you discontinue services with Remarkable, that all our supplies be returned to us to avoid additional charges.  

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Housework can't kill you, but why take the chance?

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