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Already the founder and owner of three service companies, with exceptional reputations, Joseph created Remarkable HomeKeeping in 2019 as a solution to providing in-home maintenance services for his existing client base that frequently inquire about additional services. Joe's motivation however goes much deeper than a desire to simply provide top-notch services for people. He genuinely feels that YOU deserve the absolute best! YOU deserve to thrive in your life and Joe and his companies truly care and aim to do all they can to assist you in achieving the great life you deserve!

Joseph Moelter was born and raised on a farm in River Falls, Wisconsin. As the son of enterprising parents within a small community, Joe learned the value of hard work, integrity and ones reputation within the community. As a child, while witnessing his parents dedication for success, Joe dreamt of becoming an entrepreneur someday. With ambition and strong work ethic, Joe worked on and off the farm, from a very young age and maintained employment throughout his teenage years, all the while dreaming big of owning his own business someday!  


Equal to Joe's entrepreneurial ambition was his heart to help others. After graduating high school, Joseph held positions caring for seniors as a Certified Home Health Care Aid as well as performed in-home care aid for disabled persons through REM Wisconsin. Joe would later go on to becoming a Certified Massage Practioner and open his first business; River Falls Wellness Clinic.  


In 2001, tragedy was barely adverted, in a near fatal car crash that left Joe with a broken neck, broken back (in 4 places), crushed sternum and pelvic and internal bleeding. The Regions critical care physician's notes, in Joe's file, declared the seriousness of Joe's condition as "expected fatal injuries". However, The Good Lord, would have other plans for Joe! 


After spending 7 months in a halo and full torso caste, physical therapy and rebuilding his mind, body and spirit, Joe was blessed with a full recovery and was eager to get his life back on track for the success he just knew he was destined for! 


However, having a mortgage and bills to pay, and requiring a more stable income, Joe found himself closing his business and going back into the workforce.

Excelling and being promoted in every position that Joe ever held, he was pleased with his performance but yet felt a longing for something greater!


For nearly the following decade, Joe worked in home construction and landscaping, honing many valuable skills and while feeling trapped in the economic cycle, he continued to dream big!


Nearing the age of 30, Joe met his (future)  beautiful bride, Jennifer, was married shortly thereafter and was blessed with three amazing children, a son and twin girls. Having been blessed with a healthy and beautiful family, Joe's heart was filled! And though he yet dreamt of owning his own business; with a family to care for now and the associated costs increasing, Joe knew that a steady income was what his family needed. He would need to put his dreams on hold for now... maybe indefinetly. 


Oh but again, God had other plans for Joe! 


With Joe and Jenny working full time jobs, picking up any and all overtime offered, their family of five struggled to make ends meet. This financial struggling climaxed in 2009 when Joe found himself laid off after the great economic collapse of 2008. 


Not being a man to wallow in one's sorrows, Joe did not feel self pity for his present hardship, but instead saw it as an opportunity to pursue his dreams of entrepreneurship! So with a tool box and wheel barrow, Joe took to the streets, going door to door, offering his construction knowledge and experience by providing handyman services at affordable prices. 


Word spread quickly, of the high quality services Joe provided; the care, kindness and integrity of his charactor and the multitude of various skills Joe was equipped with! 

It was landscaping however, that Joe was most passionate about, and as the demand for his professional landscaping services grew, Joe's dream of entrepreneurship was once again actualized with the founding of Boulder Hills Landscaping in 2010. 


Since 2010, Boulder Hills has grown and thrived! Committed to an exceptional customer service experience and industry leading landscape installations, Joe found his clients requesting maintenance services as well and so created Grass Master Lawn Care in 2012, as a full outdoor maintenance company, to compliment his stunning landscape designs and installations! 


Maintaining his dedication to excellence and integrity, Grass Master has built a reputation in like, and currently Boulder Hills and Grass Master thrive, employing 12 - 15 team members annually, providing Joe's hometown of River Falls and Hudson with exceptional landscape and lawncare services! 

But the story does not end there...


Joe's entrepreneurial spirit has not wained in the least and his heart and drive for helping and caring for others is stronger than ever! Joe embraces and lives a life of gratitute for the blessings that he has recieved, and believes, with every ounce of his being, that you too deserve to thrive in your life and achieve your goals! 


Joseph Moelter continues to dream big!! In 2018, he created the company Helping Hands General Labor, a labor company designed to provide seniors and disabled persons with labor services at a 50% discounted rate. Joe works towards recategorizing this company as a non-profit, so that he may be able to provide such services, at no cost, to people in need. 


Never believe that a few caring people can't change the world.                  For, indeed, that's all who ever has. 

- Margaret Mead

Call Remarkable HomeKeeping today for your no pressure consultation and learn about our home cleaning services in Hudson WI, River Falls and the Greater St Croix River Valley of Wisconsin and Minnesota!

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